Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ChokChai Farm, Bangkok, Thailand

There is more to Bangkok than just shopping, temples, food and adult entertainment. There is something for kids too. One such place is ChokChai Farm. When my 5-year old niece came over to visit us in Bangkok, we decided to pay a visit to the farm. To our pleasant surprise, we adults enjoyed it too.

ChokChai Farm (named after its founder) is located about 1.5 hours drive out of Bangkok. The farm produces milk and milk-related products as well as beef for local consumption. The farm conducts Agro Tours to give tourists a chance to experience farm life and watch various types of animals and cowboy performances. A little point to note - the tour is conducted in Thai. But you know what, it really doesn't matter if you don't understand the language as the performances don't really need words.

The tour starts off with a short introductory video of the beginnings of the farm. Then, the group is ushered to the milking parlor. Volunteers are given the opportunity to try it out themselves!

Next, we head to the Ice Cream workshop where we watched a video and see how ice cream is made. Then, we got a small ice-cream to sample. After you've tasted the milky ice-cream, you'll be tempted to stop at one of the many stores during the tour to buy one! (I guess that's the whole point...)

Hop on the open-air wagon cum bus and we're off on the tour of the farm. During the sunflower season (December), we passed by cheerful fields of sunflowers and rolls of hay. After a short ride, we arrive at the cowboy station where we were entertained by skilled Thai cowboys performing riding, lassoing and gun slinging tricks.

You can also pay a small fee to ride on the horses. If horses aren't your cup of tea, have a go at the ATVS.
A short bus ride away, we arrive at the children's favourite stop. Be entertained by the clever Chok Chai dogs. There are lots more pictures on Kess' blog.
Then, experience the animals first-hand at the petting zoo. Come eye-to-eye with a deer.
Cuddle a soft, wooly lamb...
...and feed a hungry calf.
Fulfill a child's dream to ride on a pony.
End the tour with a delicious steak at ChokChai's Steakhouse located at the entrance of the farm. Unfortunately, we were too hungry and polished off our plates before we took any pictures. Last but not least, finish off with milk ice cream for dessert and buy some souveniers for your family and friends. The milk sweets are yummy. All in all, ChokChai Farm makes a great family outing. There is more to Bangkok!

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