Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - The Year That Was

Time really does fly, especially when one gets older. I can't believe that 2009 has come and in a few hours, gone. There were challenging times but all in all, it's been a memorable year. I've had the opportunity to do what I really enjoy - travelling, both for work and pleasure.

Indeed, as I look back, I realize that I am truly blessed. I have a family who loves me, surrounded by friends who care, and saved by the grace of God. What more could one ask for?

These are my photo memories of the year 2009:

January - College reunion

February - Chinese New Year

March - Lazing by the beach at Langkawi

April - Enjoying a cup of tea at Cameron Highlands

May - J at Mount Kinabalu (for the 3rd time!)

June - Was a slow month

July - Sometimes the simple things in life are the most memorable

August - A night out at Il Padrino

September - The Great Ocean Road Trip, Australia

October - Shopping on Regent and Oxford Street, London

November - In awe of the Taj Mahal

December - Christmas in Bangkok