Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The best things in life are unexpected...

I received a really cool gift last Saturday at my dinner party. It was totally unexpected, hence it made it sweeter. Aren't the best things in life unexpected? Little C bought me a book "Cook With Jamie" by the Naked Chef to thank me for spending the day with him when his mum & dad hosted an event.

I was really touched. Honestly, it was a real pleasure to spend the day with him and I didn't expect anything in return. Little C & I lazed in the jacuzzi, watched the filming of "5 Minutes of Fame" where people dressed in silly costumes and made a fool of themselves, played hide and seek behind the curtains, had coffee and cookies (Don't worry mum, Little C had orange juice)during tea time and then went for a romp at the park. Doesn't sound like hard work to me... Besides, little C is the most adorable boy I know and is quite well-behaved as far as little boys go. Well done mum & dad!

Of course, little C's dad had another motive. He just wanted to get invited again for dinner - this time to try out one of Jamie Oliver's recipes. No problem, big C. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes. Anyway, we agreed that we would have another dinner party soon. Our friend Kim agreed to host it at his place and we would probably consider a Jamie Oliver themed party... All this happened because little C gave me a book "Cook with Jamie". What can I say, the best things in life are unexpected.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

About Kess' mama

I started it's a dog's life to share about life from my beagle's (Kess) point of view. This rekindled a passion for creative writing (as opposed to my previous life where I did report and financial writing) and I decided to start another blog. Consistent with Kess' blog, the theme for this blog will be about life - life from Kess' mama point of view. Sometimes it will consist of ramblings and musings, peppered with testimonies & stories, a sounding board for grouses and louses but balanced with a healthy dose of gratitude. After all, life is a journey. Might as well enjoy it!

Me - Parapenting in Queenstown, NZ