Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sick as a Dog

I just posted this phrase on Kess' blog for the Dog Series, so it seemed appropriate to use the same title for this post.

Who would have thought that a little thing such as a tooth can cause such pain and agony and bring a grown person to their knees? Having gone through the experience recently, albeit as an observer of a loved one (LO) suffering, I can testify that being "Sick as a Dog" from a tooth ache is no fun at all. It is even more frustrating when the root of the problem cannot be traced accurately as one can't really pinpoint where the pain in the mouth comes from.

The problem first started with sensitive tooth-like symptoms when LO experienced a stinging sensation when consuming cold or hot drinks, ice-creams, etc. So, LO went to the dentist who, like a detective had to perform tests to figure out the problem. X-rays came back negative but the dentist was able to test via the use of cold air to identify the sensitive tooth. He also recommended the removal of a wisdom tooth as it was starting to impact on the other teeth. LO postponed the wisdom tooth removal due to work commitments but took the doctor's advise to chew gum (to stimulate saliva which is one of the most powerful defense mechanisms in the body), apply tooth mousse and use sensitive teeth toothpaste.

A couple days later, the tooth ache became unbearable and LO had to see the dentist again. As with the last visit, x-rays did not reveal any problems. So, the dentist had to go via a process of elimination to try to detect the problem. Physical examination of each tooth also could not reveal the cause of the pain. The wisdom tooth had to go. The next day, during a follow up visit after the tooth extraction, LO complained of short bouts of sharp pain when consuming liquids. The dentist used infra red tooth by tooth and this time, discovered a hair-line crack. This time round, LO experienced pain during physical examination unlike the previous visits. Like a split durian, the crack probably became bigger over time. As a temporary measure, the dentist did a draining procedure to alleviate the pressure and the pain. Next, the root canal and crowning treatment will begin over the the next couple of weeks.

So, was the wisdom tooth extraction in vain? I guess we'll never know. But what we do know is take care of your teeth! The 32 small whitish structures in your mouth deserve all the care you give them. So visit your dentist regularly and practice good dental hygiene. Oh, and don't crack your teeth or you'll really be sick as a dog.

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Sweet Jasmine said...

Hope LO agony is over by now. I always brush my teeth twice a day to prevent any toothache which I have yet to experience such as this one.