Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The changing season in Hong Kong

Autumn is here. The change from summer has been gradual. The days are shorter - the sun rises a little later in the morning and it gets dark by 6.30 pm now. It used to be that the late evenings were cooler. Now, even the late mornings are cool. This means that Kess and I can go for longer walks in the morning, even if we get a later start. Before, during the peak of summer, our little beagle will let me know when she wants to go home by doing her own u-turn and pulling me back, usually only after walking for about 15-20 minutes. She would be panting not long after we start our walk. Today, this beagle was raring to go and we actually walked past the Wan Chai Gap Road for the first time since she arrived in Hong Kong. In fact, I had to gently nudge her to do the u-turn as we would have to cover the same distance back.

Having lived in Malaysia where the only seasons we have are rain and shine, and daylight is fairly constant throughout the year, I look forward to experiencing the four seasons in Hong Kong. We were told that last year's winter was quite cold by Hong Kong standards. I wonder how our beagle will adjust to the cold weather, having lived her 9 years in a tropical country. J and I noticed that she has more fur now on her belly. Before, we used to see the spots on her belly. Now, those are covered by soft white fur. I suppose being in an air-conditioned home during this past summer is good preparation for her!

It's now 3 months since we've relocated to Hong Kong. I guess I've finally adjusted to it being home. It's been fun exploring new places and experiencing new things. Recently, our families came for a visit and we were able to revisit some of the places we used to go to, like Stanley and the Peak and explore new places like Lamma Island. Shopping was fantastic and we were all a little poorer after our shopping spree. At least we now have a fabulous new wardrobe! Of course, being Malaysians, we tried out new restaurants as well. It is so much more fun to have a big group for meals coz we get to try more dishes. I really must put together a to-do list for visitors and post it on this blog. I guess this will go on my to-do list!
Hong Kong by day and by night


ev said...

when did you take the night shots? it's so pretty with the sunset (which i never got to see when we were there)!!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Took it on the phone a while back. It was a gorgeous day!